Meet our leadership team at CRW Graphics.

Dave Carpenter

CEO & President

Dave’s career began in 1984 at The Winchell Company in Philadelphia, PA. Dave worked in the press-room for five years, achieving First Pressman status on a 5/Color sheet-fed press. In 1989, Dave transitioned into a Production Coordinator position. He held that position for 3 years. Dave’s knack for customer service created an easy move into Sales. In 1992, Dave joined the sales team at Baum Printing (now RRD) in Philadelphia, PA. Dave enjoyed major sales success as one of the leading Account Managers in the USA. This is where the fun began!

In 2001, Dave joined Innovation Printing as an equity Principal. His focus was on Business Development and National sales efforts. When Innovation was acquired in 2013, Dave led the sales operation through 2018. In October 2018, Dave and George Slater purchased CRW Graphics! Dave’s vision is both customer and staff member focused.

“Sustained growth, new technological offerings, and the personal growth of our employees is the driving force behind our success.”

– Dave Carpenter

George Slater

EVP & Director of Business Development

George’s career began in 1993 at Baum Printing Company in Philadelphia, PA. George supported, and later managed many pre-press functions. From 1994-1996, George was the Plant Scheduler. That is where he really learned the business. In 1997, George moved into customer service where he worked on-site, as a print expert, at one of the world’s largest software companies and later worked on-site at the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

In 1999, George transitioned into the sales team at Baum Printing. After 6 years of Account Management success at a national printing firm, George joined Innovation Printing in Philadelphia, PA. George managed sales on all major accounts at Innovation until it was acquired in 2013. For the next 5 years, George managed and opened major national accounts with a spend potential of over $1 Billion Dollars.

In October 2018, George & Dave Carpenter purchased CRW Graphics.

“We’re back in the game. Dave & I look forward to building a winning, team environment and a customer experience that is unmatched.”

– George Slater

Sally Warren

Chief Financial Officer

Sally’s career began in 1984 at a midsized full-service public accounting firm in Marlton, NJ named Lutz McGonigle & Co. In 1998, Sally transitioned to corporate accounting as Controller/CFO of Jerome Medical, a manufacturer of medical products located in Moorestown, NJ. In 2007, Sally became VP of Finance for the North American Division of an international subscription services company with offices in 13 countries. After years of regular travel to Europe, this Jersey Girl looked closer to home and found CRW Graphics. In September 2012, Sally joined CRW Graphics as Controller & CFO. Sally passion for the business it unmatched. She is ever focused on increasing the bottom line by controlling costs and improving efficiencies throughout the company.

“The communication of timely accurate financial information is an essential tool for business growth.”

-Sally Warren

Vince Nocella

Chief Operations Officer

Vince has served in numerous roles during his 20 plus years in the graphics arts industry. Vince’s passion and knowledge for this business is unmatched. As the Chief Operations Officer at CRW, Vince has implemented a streamlined workflow to enhance quality, speed, and consistency. You can always find Vince brushing up on the latest information about desktop publishing, printing, and binding technologies. Vince’s digital pre-press knowledge is instrumental in helping CRW adopt and sustain proofing to pressroom color profiles. Vince is a great blend of manufacturing knowledge and sales expectation.

“I want CRW to be competitive and profitable. We can do this by creating a team atmosphere throughout the shop to increase awareness and productivity. Our customers expect the best and that’s what we do!”

-Vince Nocella

Sean Murphy

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Sean started in 1995 at Cunningham Graphics. Within 4 years, Sean became one of the youngest Plant Managers in the industry while taking part in company growth from 90 people to over 400 worldwide in less than 5 years. Sean spent the next 21 years with the same company fine-tuning his operations management skills. Sean supported sales activities bringing new business to the bottom line. With many years now of Operational Management success, Sean has a passion for hard work and dedication. Sean joined CRW in January 2019. Sean excels in strategic planning, motivational leadership, continuous improvement.

“Being part of a winning team is something that you strive for your entire career. I am on the winning team and surrounded by positive energy every day. What an incredible feeling it is!”

–Sean Murphy