5 Top Benefits of Targeted Direct Mail Advertising for Your Business

Direct mail advertising is more affordable compared to magazine ads and usually receives higher response rates compared to email. There’re some people who would oppose this idea but in reality, it’s one of the most effective advertising strategy, according to research. If you are feeling hesitant to use targeted direct mail advertising, here are our top 5 benefits for you to consider:

  1. It increases authenticity

Receiving spam emails has become a part of the online life of anyone who has an email address. Of course, you can mistakenly send the mailer to an invalid address but there’s a huge difference between this occurrence and a spam email. With a spam email, the recipient may never know where it came from and it’s considered a direct attack on his/her information and device. But while using direct mail, recipients will know that you’re a real business with a real address and this trust has the potential to attract serious business leads.

2. One approach, multiple goals

One of the biggest benefits of using direct mail advertising is it can be used to cater to a multitude of purposes. For instance, you can use it as an invitation or a short-term promotional tool like a limited period coupon. This would be an effective approach when you’re looking to generate quick revenue or looking to boost sales during special occasions. Direct mail can also be used as an informational or reminder tool when you aren’t trying to generate short-term sales but looking to establish long-term relationships with the recipients. These can take a variety of forms – from holiday reminders to birthday cards to newsletters that give the recipients a glimpse of your upcoming product/service launch for example.

3. It increases brand recognition

Another key benefit of using this approach is it greatly helps in increasing your brand recognition. A direct mail not only carries your message but also delivers your brand name to the recipient’s home, whether or not the person opens it. The reason is physical mail takes more time to handle and is usually remembered more compared to its electronic counterpart. Therefore, whenever the recipients would need something similar to the products/services you offer, your brand is likely to strike their minds first.

4. It’s cost-effective

Direct mail advertising is one of the most cost-effective approaches that you can use to boost your revenue. Eye-catching mails can be easily designed with the help of some simple resources. In addition, you can always mail out a minimum number of advertisements to assess the effectiveness. And once you’ve measured the success, the number can always be increased if you wish to.

5. Gets your business more impressions

In order to draw in a reader and convert the person into a paying customer, the messaging of your direct mail has to enticing and the design needs to be eye-catching. While designs of direct mails vary from one advertising campaign to another, there are certain things that you should always keep in mind to make the most out of your campaign. 

Here are some effective tips on designing your direct mail:

  • Use images wisely: Apart from using high-resolution, professional images always, try to make the mail piece memorable every time. Carefully selected graphics always get people’s attention and maximize the likelihood of them going through the piece. If possible, use pictures of people using your product/service to help the recipients comprehend how your offerings will add value to their lives. While a background of the piece can be a pattern, color or image, stay away from making it too complicated as that would distract the recipients from your key message.
  • Use fonts strategically: The font you used to craft the direct mail piece plays an important role in how the recipients would perceive the advertisement. First, stay away from using flashy fonts and stick to one or two typefaces instead. The fonts also need to be easily readable with a simple and uniform look.
  • Choose a clean design: A busy-looking mail piece can easily confuse the recipients by obscuring your main advertising message. Make sure the design includes an adequate amount of blank space or white space. The objective is to keep the piece free of clutter, so anything that makes it clumsy should be avoided.
  • Make the copy concise: In advertising and marketing, usually, the more copy is used, the less is read. So, be concise as much as possible with your messaging and copy. Ideally, a direct mail piece should be able to provide the recipient with a lot of information about your objective in a minimum number of words.

Direct mail can be an extremely effective vehicle when used thoughtfully and strategically in advertising campaigns. And there’s a lot of benefits, apart from the above, that can be gained by leveraging the power of direct mail advertising. However, like with any other successful advertising campaign, you’ve to make it attractive in the best possible way. It’s also important to remember that poorly designed direct mail pieces can not only make the entire campaign unsuccessful but may also leave a negative impression in the minds of your customers and leads. So, hire a printing service provider, to guarantee the success of your advertising campaign.

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