Data-Driven Results

The Challenge

With an established donor base such as Seton Hall University’s, stewardship is the name of the game. With a long-term relationship in mind, CRWconnect collected all available data on the donor population, and found that many of SHU’s supporters give to multiple funds within the school.

The Solution

This fund data turned into the central pillar of the resulting stewardship campaign. Each donor has a personal reason for giving to each fund, and should feel the school’s gratitude on a similarly detailed level. A printed “donor report,” personalized extensively based on the recipient’s donations, was decided on as the final deliverable.

The difficulty came in the combination of data and creative material for each fund represented in the piece. The content had to reflow within the layout depending on the number of funds donated to, and also the amount of text and photography accompanying each fund. Luckily, Seton Hall’s PR & Marketing department already had a close working relationship with CRW’s staff. Despite a level of complexity an order of magnitude above the average variable data piece, the automated layout worked like a charm. Each report was a gorgeous collage of photography, copy, and graphics, all supporting the donor’s individual values and contributions.

Key Details

  • Variable data booklet
  • Heavily personalized
  • Automated layout
  • Variable amount/types of content


“Without a doubt the best piece I’ve seen from Advancement. It in itself was impactful, personal, concise; very well done.” – [regent]


Seton Hall University