Divide And Conquer: Using Your Donor Data

The Challenge

As a graduate program, Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations has consistently reached out to students taking the GRE. Unfortunately, their inquiries were largely going unanswered. CRWconnect, with their data management and marketing expertise, were the perfect fit to change that.

The Solution

The School of Diplomacy was on the right track: Data was key. By filtering the massive amount of information at their disposal, CRWconnect was able to vastly improve efficiency, and focus on students who had already showed an inclination for the school’s course material. These students were then contacted through both direct mail and email, and funneled to a personalized web page (PURL) where they were greeted by name and asked for more in-depth information.

This further data was the crux of the continuing marketing effort. Follow-up communications established a deeper connection between prospective students and the School of Diplomacy, an essential step towards enrollment. A free stationary kit was offered as both a gift and a tool for further brand awareness. And all data and interactions were tracked in real time, allowing Seton Hall to monitor every step of the process.

Filtering resulted in the total audience decreasing by nearly 75%, but number of leads generated jumped by 8%. This represented a huge leap in efficiency, and saved a significant amount of effort and money as the campaign moved forward. Overall response rate went up by 324%. But the most important metric was the 5 new students gained as a direct result of the GRE campaign, up from 0 in the previous year.

Key Details

  • Multi-step, multichannel marketing campaign
  • Direct mail, email, PURLs
  • 324% increase in response rate
  • 5 enrolled students

“Prior to working with CRWconnect, donors were only encouraged to donate via check mailed back in a reply envelope. Giving our donors the option to donate online really made a difference.”


Seton Hall University School of Diplomacy and International Relations