56 Stores In 48 Hours — Web2Print Makes It Happen

The Challenge

Saks Fifth Avenue came to CRW with a unique problem. They needed a system to allow 56 stores to create and order customized trunk show invitations and have them mailed within 48 hours of approval, all while guaranteeing consistency in quality and corporate branding standards.

The Solution

CRW’s web-enabled Workstream™ system with Digital Asset Management Software.

Through Workstream™ and proprietary Digital Asset Management software, CRW created a customized website that allowed each of Saks’ stores to create invitations online, at any time, day or night. With all brand elements coming from a centralized system, consistency was a guaranteed, while the design remained flexible enough to create attractive pieces tailored to each individual event.

To meet Saks’ ever-growing need for more complex, customizable marketing materials, their Invitations on Demand Workstream™ site has seen a number of improvements since the end of this project:

Improv 2.0– A complete design tool for creating templates and variable data documents.

  • Created templates can be saved and reused
  • User information automatically populates documents, such as business cards and letterhead
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management System
  • Drag and drop function for graphics and text
  • Uploaded fonts available cross-platform
  • Complete color library
  • Multiple security levels
  • PDF import

QuickMail – Fully automated mailing system

  • Accepts files from Excel, Access, Outlook, ACT, Goldmine, and more
  • Unlimited list uploads
  • Automatic, free Delivery Point Validation and list maintenance capabilities
  • After DPV, provides a list quality report
  • Online record addition and editing
  • Multi-list automation
  • Merge/purge
  • De-duplication
  • National Change of Address.
  • Conditional filtering
  • Geo-coding
  • Automatic unique Personal URL generation
  • Record-level license tracking
  • Variable data integration
  • Postal sorting optimization
  • Online postage estimates
  • Key Details
  • Online web2print and print-on-demand service
  • Mailing services included
  • Supports template creation
  • Persistent Content Management System
  • Multiple security levels

“I just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much I appreciate the effort and support I’m getting from everyone at CRW. The system looks great and the enhancements are going to be well received. That’s a rave from me.”

– Tom Caputo, Saks Fifth Avenue


Saks Fifth Avenue