Printing A Piece Of History

The Challenge

The National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) opened their new space on Independence Mall with a star-studded gala featuring such stars as Jerry Seinfeld and Bette Midler. CRW had its own debut that evening — a masterfully printed commemorative coffee table book entitled “Dreams of Freedom”. Produced for gala guests and the Museum gift store, the book is still being sold in person and online.

Faced with the task of printing and delivering 5,500 smythe-sewn hard cover and 5,000 soft cover books in less than six weeks of production, the Museum trusted CRW and account executive Dean Pugh to get the job done. The sheer scope of the project (252 pages, mixed stocks, two lots, nearly 12 x 9 oblong) taxed the limits of nearly every phase of production.

The Solution

Dean’s graphic arts experience and exceptional attention to detail were uniquely suited to this job. And despite little room for error, the presswork made it on schedule to Acme Bookbinding, a renowned Massachusetts bindery vetted extensively by CRW.

The result is a detailed legacy of the remarkable Jewish American experience. The care, attention and pride invested in the book’s production are self-evident.

Key Details

  • 5,500 smythe-sewn hardcovers + 5,000 soft covers
  • 252 pages
  • mixed stocks
  • 12” x 9” oblong
  • 6-week production schedule

“I appreciate the effort that you displayed on this project. You gave your all and then some to assure that all my demands (and there were many) were satisfied. The book is everything I wanted it to be.”

– Gwen Goodman, Executive Director NMAJH


National Museum of American Jewish History